About Steve

Steve is an award winning photographer living and working out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His interest in photography started in high school when a family friend visited with a Pentax SLR. The gadget was completely fascinating. All Steve wanted to do was to figure out how it worked. At that same time, he was failing art class in high school - something that completely frustrated him. Steve always knew he wanted to create, but couldn't find the right medium - until he found photography. Suddenly he could make a picture without having to draw or paint. 

Steve describes himself as both a disabled photographer and a photographer with a disability. What’s the difference? Well, they are not interchangeable. He identifies as a disabled photographer because he lives and creates art in a world that is not designed to accommodate him and his wheelchair. However, people seem more comfortable with “artist with a disability.” Perhaps because it acknowledges Kean as a person first, and frames his disability as a part of him rather than the world around him. 

The profound beauty of nature has always moved Steve and spoken to him. He grew up surrounded by plants, trees and animals and was taught from an early age to respect them. Having a disability that requires him to use a wheelchair has at times made it difficult to interact with nature. But he has found ways. 



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